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Not Alone| Danny & Jess

Danny sat cross legged on her sleeping bag in her corner of the tent. It was empty for a few minutes and she was taking advantage of it. She was rereading Harry Potter, because really there was no reason not to read Harry Potter. Honestly she was happy with her tent mates. They were some of the people she was closest to in the house, and she was grateful for it. And sometimes one of the dogs would cuddle up to her and that was even better. Some of the house mates complained about the situation, but she didn’t mind terribly. While it would be nice to have a bed again, she was fine out here until the repairs are done. 

After about half an hour of reading she heard the zipper move and looked up to see who was coming in. Jess walked in and she smiled setting down the book next to her. “Hey Jess” She said softly as to not catch her off guard and scare her on accident. “How are you doing?” She stretched her legs out along her sleeping bag after sitting cross legged for so long and looked up at the girl smiling kindly.

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